is a travel, fashion + lifestyle blog by Kim Francis, a Creative Designer based in London.

Growing up, I had always been a fan of reading blogs and online life. I was an extremely avid reader of Scandinavian fashion blogs, and continue to be inspired by them (in fact, I read more Scandinavian blogs that UK ones!). Beginning a blog had always been at the back of my mind but it wasn’t until November of 2016 that was thrown out to the world. Through this blog I share with you my lifestyle tips, fashion diaries, and travel snaps and guides. You can also catch up with me through my Instagram @suitcaseofstyle.

One of my goals in 2018 is to travel as much as I can! If you can’t tell, I’m close to obsessed with the whole of Scandinavia, but don’t get me wrong, Europe is still close to my heart and beaches may be where I truly belong..

This is the first category that started the blog. I’m a total hoarder, I await the day I have a walk-in-wardrobe! Releasing my fashion secrets and discussing my style with you is almost therapeutic. I’d say my style is rather classic and simple, but with character! I always say, just like my artistic style, my fashion is totally bipolar. I don’t have one style, I’m inspired everyday my current trends, outdated trends, and that highly fashionable girl I spotted on the London Underground in the morning.

Every now and then I like to share with you my latest lifestyle obsessions, from my new scented candle to homeware hauls, and anything else I think is worth sharing with you.


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