3 Beach Basics to Prepare for Your Next Holiday

Hopping into December, bloggers around the world reveal their Christmas trees throughout our Instagram feeds and heart-felt adverts continue to steal the limelight of my weekly YouTube vlogs (ps. I love you Sanne Vloet!). Though I can tell you my mind is far, faaaaaar away from all associated with the festive season, can you tell? 😉

Swiftly transitioning from flip-flops to winter boots and lugging around a wooly coat after days of almost bearing-all in bikinis, my mind, body and soul are struggling to adapt after coming back from the 30c heat of Asia. Following the latest posts about it all on my Instagram, @suitcaseofstyle, I’ve had quite a few of you slip into my DMs and ask about where I went and what it’s like over there (particularly on the islands of the Philippines). I can’t help but feel major “fomo”, but to ease the pain, I’ll be taking you on a journey of my trip through some little guides over the next few weeks…

Bikini Asos | Sunglasses Ray-Ban | Necklace Forever 21

3 Steps to Button up on Your Beach Basics Before a Trip

As an avid traveller, I’m usually an enthusiastic packer, getting my suitcase together two weeks before a big trip (yes, I’m 100% serious). I dread to forget anything that I can’t buy at my destination, and I’d much rather have a suitcase full of necessities and clothes so I don’t have to spend half the time of my trip shopping around. Besides the suncream and the sunglasses, something I always struggle with is the new selection of bikinis to bring along. I mean, they’re practically all I’ll be wearing on a beach!

Here are my top 3 steps to follow when dragging those bikinis into your online shopping basket:

Step 1: The Fundamental Factors

Fit, style and functionality should all be factored in when choosing a handful of bikinis for your trip. I never pick a bikini because it looked good on that girl on Instagram. Maybe it complimented the curves of her body perfectly, but what about my non-existent curves? The shape and fit should emphasise your best assets while fitting well on each part of your body. During my trip i’d be awkwardly climbing the plank to hop back on the boat and jumping into the crystal clear sea with 10 people snorkelling around me. I kind of need this thing to stay on… This Asos bikini sits tight to the body and frames my body comfortably, keeping everything in place and showing off my key assets.

Step 2: Consider the Colours

Soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea, we’re bound to catch those rays – goals. I’m not a keen sunbather, but in fail to fight against a tan, I can go from light caramel to dark chocolate in seconds (so quickly the skin on my nose literally burnt off once and I cried for days, but let’s not talk about it..). With that in mind, there are certain colours that compliment me pleasantly before I tan, but definitely not after. Factor in the before and after, especially if you tan in the first few days and have two weeks left to go! Dark toned bikinis don’t compliment my tan in any way as they flatten my body and give no dimension, but the contrast of lighter and brighter tones such as white, creams and reds can really do me wonders. 

Step 3: Ace the Accessories

So you’ve nailed the selection but how will you accessorise them? Let’s be honest, when you’re hitting the beach, accessories may be the least of your worries, but if you’ve got the ‘Gram on mind or you just want to add something to your look, you can go simple ..and you should. Don’t get tangled up with chunky necklaces and expensive rings while fighting the sea. Instead, opt for some high-street jewellery – that sea salt can be cruel. You can also be playful with shapes. This bikini is on the boxy side, so I softened it up with some round Ray-Bans and a dainty circular pendant necklace. The tortoiseshell buttons on the bikini top itself add a raw element to the overall look – voila!



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