Finally, I share with you a couple more photographs from my short adventure in Norway. Having visted Bergen for 2 times already, it was time to venture a new part of the city. The city is nothing compared to London, totally walkable, almost with a slight village feel through every street you steer through. of course, I have lived in London for the entire 24 years of my life, yet there is so much to discover, big or small. The same goes for Bergen! This time round I stayed in a borough called Bergenhus, just a 10 minutes walk away from the famous Bryggen, an old wharf listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage. I’d totally recommend staying in a new area if you’re visiting a familiar place, I discovered so many pleasant winding roads and sea views just turning down the corner of the street I was staying on! A complete treat. unfortunately I didn’t get that many photos during this trip, minus the day these snaps were taken, the weather was pretty miserable (finally, I got to experience the real Bergen – did you know the Bergen joke? It rains 360 days a year), but always a pleasure to visit.The aim of my trip was to simply relax, explore new areas and catch up with friends, and I did exactly that! Since I don’t have pictures to cover my entire trip, here a breakdown of where I went and what I got up to:

Day 1
Flight landed in at 3.40pm
Meet up w/Synne to have a catch up + drink in Colonialen’s Litteraturhuset

Day 2
Photoshoot in Bergenhus and Nøstet
Homemade dinner at Synnes house (mmm…)

Day 3
Chilled day exploring Bergenhus
Took the Fløibanen up Fløyen at night

Day 4
Shopping in concept/design stores, Småting + Røst
Catch up w/Stian at Bergen University in Kaffebrenneri
Flight back to London at 8.10pm

1,2,3,5 Bergenhus | 4 Bryggen


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