Travel Guide Book Series: Wanderful by Andi Eaton

As I mentioned some posts back, I want to start focusing on the travel side of my blog a little more, whether that’s sharing the quick trips I’ve made to inspirational cities in Europe such as Copenhagen, sweet little concept stores i’ve added to my list outside of the UK like the Le Dada Shop in Lyon, or even beautiful spots in the UK I think are worth sharing with you like the ever-so-charming Chiswick House & Gardens!

Something new I’ve decided to bring to the blog is an addtion to #thecarameltravels, and that’s a guide book series! I’ve become obsessed with guidebooks since I started travelling a little more this year – FYI, next year has BIG goals. My guidebook collection is growing at the speed of light, and the choice of books can be so overwhelming that I’d like to help you pick the best ones out if you ever do decide to visit one of the cities I’ve visited, or are intending too. Each series will include sneak peeks along with three things that make these particular guidebook something extra special, there’s always a reason I’ve picked them out 😉

So, without further ado, if you are a total nomad at heart like me and in addition, a lover of particularly fashionable, instagrammable spots, then this book is for YOU. ‘Wanderful’ is an oh-so-stylish lookbook and travelogue where you follow Andi Eaton (creative director, blogger, author and forever a wanderer) of Oui We Girl‘s footsteps and see where she discovered the most incredibly fashionable locations through her travels of the United States and the wanderers live in these spots. After reading this I just want to plan out a road trip through America next year (I mean, you can’t tell me you’ve never considered this too..?)!


As a graphic designer, I cannot help you comment on this one. The overall design of the book has been SO beautifully put together and chic that you’ll either totally want to carry it around with you in style, or will be proud enough to sit it on your coffee table for guests to awe over. The design has Andi’s style all over it. Romantic, dreamy and chic all in one!


The introduction begins with teaching us to study the beauty of imperfection, which outlines some basic philosophies that are worth embracing. These philosophies will help you make the most of your travels, to truly appreciate, to be in the moment, to soak in the happiness.


Andi’s aim with this book is to help you ‘plan out your own wanderful adventure with travel and style tips’, but the book isn’t only filled with Andi’s tips alone, as she’s brought in some of her most favourite fashion blogger, music makers and artists. I absolutely LOVE this little feature dotted throughout the guide as it makes the book one little travel journey in itself! It’s like you’re literally meeting people on the way. You get a little introduction on who they are, what’s in their bag, and what they love about their home. The guidebook is split into nine chapters, each covering an area of the United States (such as: The Texas Hideaways, Route 66, Way Out West) and at the end of each, you’ll find one of these sweet features!

A special thank you to Andi for sending this book out to me, and a HUGE Congratulations for its release!

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  1. Diana
    November 28, 2017 / 11:01 pm

    This book looks lovely, I really like how you captured it! I’ve not yet read a travel book like this, and since I am totally a nomad at heart just like you, I think I’d really enjoy it. Definitely bookmarking this xx

    • November 28, 2017 / 11:24 pm

      Thanks so much, Diana! You’d enjoy this for sure if you’re an avid traveller like me. This is seriously the prettiest travelogue I’ve come across, and like I mentioned above, the whole concept of bringing in other bloggers and fashionistas along with such a beautiful design makes this book particularly unique and special! 😉

    • December 9, 2017 / 4:00 pm

      Yes, I’d like to give you all a more personal guide than the typical ones we find on Google! Keep an eye out, more coming up 😉

  2. December 10, 2017 / 4:29 pm

    Excited that your focusing on more travel posts on your blog. I cant wait to see!

    Lizzie Oladunni

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