If you’ve caught up with my Insta Stories over on @thecaramelchronicles you’ll have seen I recently went and ventured out to a few chilly places in Europe, one being Bergen in Norway, again. For a city, it’s one of the most calm, chilled and pleasantly quaint I’ve ever visited, and that’s why I’m so obsessed with it. People ask why I go to this particular place, and there are two simple answers to that question. One, I have friends living there who I love to visit every now and then! Two, it’s like my second home. I’ve visited Bergen 3 times now, and while that may not seem enough to call it a second home, it is. When I say that, I mean it feels familiar, I feel good there, I’m relaxed, it’s like a retreat for me! It’s also somewhere different, I mean when I say I’m going to Norway people automatically assume Oslo, but no, in fact it’s the other city I’m going to, the one you may never have heard of before! 😉

Above is one of my favourite outfits from the trip. I recently bought this cable-knit from H&M but it seems to be sold out online already, eeep! I’m sure it’s still out in the stores though if you take a peek. The jumper is perfect, so cosy and definitely keeps you warm with the thick turtle neck. I adore how this classic colour contrasts with the black dungarees, and I’ve finished off the outfit with my new Topshop baker boy hat (finally, I got one.., but FYI H&M are doing some super cool structured ones too). I think this makes for a really cute winter outfit. You’ll definitely see me in this more often, no doubt.. I shall not be putting the dungarees/dresses away..

Also, don’t worry there will be more travel-style photos along with travel guides on these winter locations to follow soon both on @thecaramelchronicles and here on the blog. It’s just taken some time to organise and put together, but I’m pretty close to revealing all.

Jumper H&M | Dungarees Primark | Boots TopshopHat Topshop | Watch Elie Beaumont



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