The Iris


With all the images of fresh blossoms and clear blue skies on Instagram lately, you know we’ve hit the mark of Springtime! Artist Rebecca Louise Law has a very fittingly seasonal installation titled ‘The Iris’ held in the NOW Gallery situated right by Greenwich Station. The installation consists of 10,000 fresh irises suspended from the ceiling of the gallery simply using copper wire to create a pleasing floating illusion in the exhibition space. The concept was to create a visual impact with not only quantity but also arrangement of a simple object, the iris.

Whether or not the installation was designed purposely for Springtime I do not know, but it is a site-specific installation. For this particular commissioned piece, Law explored the area walking along the banks of the Peninsula, picking up marsh reed on her journey. She soon discovered that the NOW Gallery actually sits on what was ‘once a wetland of tidal marshes’. Law eventually decided she wanted to celebrate the past and present of this site by using the marsh reeds in her commissioned installation. As an Artist, Law focuses on using organic, natural materials in her work. She says “I like to capture and cherish small beautiful natural objects to create an artwork that can be observed without the pressure of time. Preserving, treasuring, celebrating and sharing the beauty of the Earth with the world is what drives me”.

This was such a lovely exhibition to visit, though apparently it’s even better at night time so I may try to visit and give you an update on the installation – the irises were initially installed fresh, but overtime they will change and completely dry up. I visited on the fourth day of the installation, so you can see they are still quite fresh, but it still smelt very swampy which added to the overall experience! It all felt very natural, real and earthy. The installation is up until the 7th May, be sure to visit!

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