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Reece Walnut + Navy Watch JORD HERE // Jacket Zara

I have never thought of wearing a wooden watch, until I received this beautiful JORD Watch timepiece*. I have countlessly mentioned to you my love for timeless and classic items that can become staples, whether that’s clothing items, or home ware decor. This watch couldn’t be any more fitting with my admirations right now, and considering we’re soon to switch from winter to spring soon, I’m so happy that this watch makes the perfect transitional piece to wear between all seasons! I began wearing watches more in the last two years, I guess as you travel more and your schedule becomes increasingly chaotic, it’s wise to really keep track of time with a watch, I rely on it!

JORD is a brand creating fine hand-crafted, luxury and all-natural wooden watches, they are a company run by talented artists, designers, marketers, and minders. What I value most about JORD’s watches, is the story behind them. The reason why this watch compliments my current outfits so well, is that all of JORD’s timepieces are modelled after the modern lifestyle, and as designers, they value ‘sustainability, efficiency, and experiential living’ and work to incorporate these considerations in their product.

The timepiece that I chose is the Reece Walnut + Navy Watch. With a background in Architecture and Interior Design, I have come to appreciate how we can make use of natural materials such as wood, and have really started to incorporate it into my life, it’s a natural beauty. Wood for me symbolises a natural state, well-being, and calmness. Walnut in particular happens to be one of my favourite types of wood, I love it’s dark, mysterious tone and I actually love how it lightly contrasts against my skin. The walnut version of the Reece watch currently comes with a navy blue dial, and I adore this combination as i’m someone who doesn’t always dress colourfully, so I like to have navy, black, or brown details to go with my more neutral outfits. In addition to this, I am falling in love with the watch more and more as a realise how lightweight it is – a bonus for me, for someone with a teeny weeny wrist haha!

Do remember, JORD do not only produce women’s watches, but men’s watches too! Go check them out, they create the perfect timepieces to add to your winter couture, but they also make great, unique gifts! You can find more of this on their website.

Click here to enter JORD’s exclusive giveaway to win a $100 code to use on the JORD site! There is one winner, but at the end anyone who enters will receive a code worth $25. The giveaway closes on 12th March, so be sure to enter soon so you don’t miss it, you pretty much win either way?! 😉

*This post is in collaboration with JORD Watches.

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