Pedlar is a super quirky and cosy general store/cafe located just off Portobello Road. I have visited once before as it was recommended by a friend, though this was on a very busy summer weekend, and it was jam packed with people! This time I decided to bring down my laptop to get some work done and explore the place a little bit more. I entered the store and I was the only customer inside for almost 2 hours straight – so perfect, so relaxing! Though it is a shame, the one time I decided not to lug around my DSLR, I have the perfect opportunity to take shots without annoying other members of the public with the click of a camera. Next time! So apologies for the low-quality on these shots, especially with the ambient light in there, but I really wanted to show this off to you all so you can add it to your list of places to visit if you’re ever stopping by London (I know a lot of my readers are from the US 😉 ).

Upon walking in, you have an entire store of cute items to explore – from quirky gift cards, to pencils, bags and vintage hand-picked jackets. But then once you walk in further you realise there’s a little hidden pad at the back of the store, where the place transforms into a retro-style cafe. This little pad is so relaxing to chill in, with friends, or alone with a book or laptop. Today I sat in there with my laptop sorting out things for the blog and I was like, this is the perfect place to get stuff done!

They also get extra points for being super friendly too! I didn’t manage to get the waitress’ name, but she was very sweet, and we spoke about the quality of the food they serve. I ordered an open salmon sandwich. She told me they once tried to save money by buying salmon from the supermarket instead of a local store, but it wasn’t the same! Apparently Pedlar grab some of their produce from a local grocery store, Mr.Christian’s just down another side street of Portobello Road. Highly recommend this place, and the rye bread is to die for!

I’ve been trying out some cool things lately that I’m excited to share with you, so watch this space! 😉 As always, speak soon, Ciao..!

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