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Trying out some new items this weekend, and as usual, ended up with a bag full of pastels! I can’t believe the Zara sale still continues, there were so many goodies on the shelves, how are they still there?! Amazingly the bag came up cheaper than already advertised on the tag, so I left the store super happy with my findings (there is more.. i’ll show you sometime soon!). I literally spotted it just hanging off the bottom shelf, about to fall to the floor – who knows what happened to the poor thing, but I got it. It’s damn cute and if it fits an iPhone, lip balm, a packet of tissues, a key set and some cards, then looking that good, it’s a true keeper. I’ve never owned a pink bag! But do you know what I really really loved about this one? The strap. I am so bored of going into stores finding a cute bag only to pull the hidden strap out and finding that it is tacky-looking, or doesn’t even match the rest of the bag. I love the chain detail on this one, and the strap just generally looks elegant – it isn’t too chunky, killing the outfit, it’s just a thin but sturdy strip making it’s fair part of the statement on this outfit.

The jumper is from Zara’s current collection, it’s in an S size but as you can see it’s an oversized fit. The sleeves are quite long, but I folded the ends twice in the fitting room and fell even more in love. For me, my jumpers need to be spacious, especially as I’m the layering kind of girl – I don’t really like to wear heavy coats, yes they keep me warm but I feel sooo restricted in them. I just want to run around free, especially when I have lots to carry – and that is what I did today. I took the train from London Marylebone to Bicester Village, I usually wear a coat during these months, but today I was like “okay, so every time you wear a coat and you’re lugging around a suitcase running between underground lines, you get super sweaty and then you get stressed from being all warm, so today don’t take a coat for the journey, just put it in the suitcase for when you need it after”, I managed the forget the coat altogether, but hey let’s hope it’s not too cold tomorrow too.

The skirt has been on my wish list for a while. It was sold out in my size online, but I managed to track it down. I took a photo of the page and brought it to the store to ask someone if it’s still around. A very kind lady helped me out. She looked doubtful and said she hasn’t seen that one in a while, but told me to wait right where I was so she could have a look anyway (have you ever been to the Topshop in Oxford Circus? It is H-U-G-E), and returned around 5 minutes with the skirt in exactly my size! She couldn’t believe she found one herself, I was super happy, isn’t it cute? I love how it can be worn both casually and for work (it’s kind of on the short side but I think if you pair it with certain items it can look suitable for the workplace too – dependent).

Hope you’re having a happy weekend! I’m going to eat some sushi now, ciao!

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