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How’s your 2017 going so far? Did you make any resolutions, any promises, any aims for improvement? As mentioned previously, i’m not into resolutions, but I do hop into the new year feeling a little more fresh. That new breath of fresh air makes way for some things to think about, and one of them for me was to start eating a bit more healthily. Note, I’m not going on some crazy diet, and i’m not aiming to be the new Kayla Itsines at all, I simply thought to myself, why not incorporate some healthiness into your lifestyle?

I’m lucky enough to put on no weight at all, and please don’t think this is a spot for me to brag – not at all. Some of you will be able to relate to me, but for those of you that do not, I have always had trouble putting on weight. It’s never really been a major issue for me, apart from the fact that during my childhood other parents used to wonder if my mum even fed me – needless to say, she was forever embarrassed and used to force feed me at home because she felt so guilty (and this is.. quite beyond the age of 3 to let you know). I was never greeted to a party with a “Hi!”, it was more like “You are so skinny, you need to eat something little girl!”, it’s not the worst thing that can happen, but between my younger days and the age of 18, it was the story of my life.. I have always been happy with my body and I still am, and some people do get surprised when I say that with confidence because it is not so common to hear someone talking about how happy they are in their body these days, lets me honest. Despite being so content, up till this day there are things that I am not so happy about. I could eat McDonalds everyday (I haven’t!) and I will tell you now I will not put on a single stone, but for quite some time I have been eating unhealthily, I would eat lasagne, McDonalds, pasta, snack on crisps and chocolate bars, and have a cheeky cola. These would be normal meals/snacks for me everyday, especially during my University years! While these foods had/have no aesthetic effect on my body, I have come to realise how bad I feel inside when I eat them.

I decided to experiment. Was it dairy that was making me feel bloated and fatigued? I’ve spent the last 3 months banning dairy milk from my diet, and cutting down on cheese (brie, my love). I have never felt better! I feel more energetic, and the bloating has pretty much disappeared. There are times when I have gone to a cafe with friends not able to offer alternative dairy-free milk and I realised afterwards that the dairy milk was definitely having an affect on me!

Now with this said, I am all for promoting a healthy lifestyle, but I also believe in indulgence. When I take photographs with my avocado toast on Instagram, that’s not all I eat. I will still have a cheeky McDonalds once in a while, or opt for the divine lasagne in a restaurant. I am simply eating healthy part-time. By that I mean I always keep in mind to go for the healthy options, but I will absolutely not torture myself if I want to go for something else at some point. While this can be dangerous for some who may not be able to control themselves, these thoughts really work for me because I don’t feel guilty if I eat unhealthily, i’m going at my own pace, there’s no pressure from anyone else, at no point did I say “Hey Guys, I’m eating healthy for 2017! No bad stuff!”, because, yeah right.

What are your eating habits like? Speak soon!

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