Coat Topshop // Top from Zara // Bag Zara // Jeans from New Look // Shoes from Primark

Words cannot describe how happy I am that pink is the colour of the season! Maybe you can already tell, but my current wardrobe is 45% blush pink & 45% white/cream tones – the odd grey or black items you sometimes see make up that other 10%. I don’t go out head-hunting for blush and white items in particular, I’ve just naturally ended up with these colours dominating my wardrobe.

I’ve been thinking about it recently, why am I so drawn to these colours? I walked into Zara recently telling myself not to buy anything but I immediately saw this frilled top and these high rise trousers at the front of the store, and before trying them on, I knew they were two pieces that I could wear forever and ever – one, I adore their cuts, and two, the colour was spot on. Winning! The same thing happened with this light coat (above) that I bought from Topshop a few years ago – and look, it’s a staple for me! The thing is, I’m drawn to these colours because they are subtle, I have never been one to be caught in bold shades, but I do try bright pops of colour once in a while for a little change. I love subtle tones simply because I find them easier to match with other items that I already own, but there is also this sweetness, and charm along with confident femininity that comes with blush pink that makes me proud to wear it, it’s almost like a scent to me, but in colour form..

In addition, I feel these colours are quite pleasing to the eye, almost even if you’re not an absolute lover of pink and would never be caught in it yourself. Blush and white can make a bold statement without necessarily being an ensemble of bold colours, yet together, they still stay easy on the eye.

Have you seen Zara’s latest pink collection? They’re absolutely killing it! I’ve gathered together some of my favourite affordable key pieces from them for you..

Made it into my wardrobe:
1 Frilled Top (here)
2 High Rise Trousers (here)

Current Wishlist:
3 Leather Effect Mini Skirt (here)
4 Short Anorak (here)
5 Roll Up Sleeve Jacket (here)

What’s your favourite trend this season? I’m also getting into the frilled sleeves! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend – we stayed in Bristol over Saturday and today but unfortunately I fell ill so it wasn’t the most pleasant stay ..I think it’s time to get myself in bed with a cup of tea now. Goodnight!

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