WA Cafe

WA Cafe, one of the best independent patisseries there is in West London, hands down! This place is hidden in the suburbs of London in an area called Ealing Broadway. It’s sweet, delicate, character almost feels misplaced – it’s a little retreat i’d expect to discover walking down the cobbled side-streets of Covent Garden. This cafe specifically make in-house and sells Japanese patisseries, but you may have already guessed looking at the interiors. This place has such a simplistic and soothing design. I adore the colour palette – blush and cream, with a hint of brass through certain details like the ceiling lights. The tiles themselves strategically do not take away you attention of the colourful patisseries, but when noticed they are something to admire once you sit down. If you order to eat/drink in, you’ll notice how they have carefully picked out other details for your experience – Japanese (or Japanese-styled) glassware, cups and plates, and wooden spoons alongside your tea!

If you follow me, you’ve most likely seen this place somewhere in my Instagram feed. I’ve tried many of the patisseries on the menu, but i’ll have to admit, I keep coming back to the raspberry and pistachio frangipane tart every time, it’s absolutely divine! I’ll have to make this myself one day. You can also find all sorts of teas here too, a matcha latte, green tea, and if you’re going for the more adventurous, there are drinks like genmai tea which is a green tea with roasted brown rice. I’ve yet to try that one.

Every time we visit this place i’m so inspired to go to Japan. I feel like i’m there and I don’t even know what it’s like. I’ve noticed naturally, a lot of the customers are local Japanese who feel they are somewhat close to home. The food, the designs, the simplicity, the delicacy – I want it all! Hopefully in the next two years i’ll be visiting. Fingers crossed!

Happy Monday to you all 🙂

Listening to: The Shouting Matches – Heaven Knows


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