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You know, i’ve always wanted a photo sitting inside a cardboard box or peeking out of a bag since I saw that Marc Jacobs S/S 2008 campaign with Victoria Beckham. Dreams come true (..though this is not quite the same level, and I just about fit!). We’ve got boxes all around the apartment at the moment – as I previously mentioned, we’re moving next week! I’m heading back home with my family to the other side of London, but I may be living in Oxford too during the weekends. I will be applying to some Masters programmes in London to begin this September, but I am not sure if i’ll defer them to 2018, or go ahead this year – only time will tell. So yes, a lot of organising this week but worth it for the run up to Paris on Saturday!

Talking about organising, if you haven’t yet, check out The Gem Picker’s 10 Items To Help You Start Fresh In 2017. We actually chose to extend our old contract for the apartment so that we could move out in January because it’s totally the month for a fresh start, a new slate! I’ll be using this guide to get myself prepped for the rest of the year, as well as trying to take my wardrobe to the next level with a capsule wardrobe once i’ve moved. There’s a juicer on the list which is a pretty good item to purchase this year, mine has changed my life – every morning feels like summer with a fresh juice now (and a matcha at some point after 😉 ). The Gem Picker is full of great little handpicked guides, so go check it out!

Between the packing, this weekend we went to see La La land. I needed to see it after all the hype. Maybe I can give you a detailed post on my opinion of the film? I won’t call it a review as I’m not quite a critic! I did love it, and the soundtrack is incredible, i’ve been listening to it all day on repeat. I do fall in love with certain musical soundtracks! Even though this one was impeccably filmed, and the acting was so on point, i’ll admit, I feel there was a little too much hype about this film, I can’t quite pinpoint why though about having mixed feelings! Have you seen it? What do you think?!

I’m excited because after 4pm tomorrow i’ll be able to collect some film that I sent in to the camera shop to be developed. I’ve been testing with an old Practika LTL – I hope it works, it’s got an awesome wide-angle lens and i’d love to bring it along to Paris to get some killer shots 😉 I’ll let you know how the testers turn out tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Ciao!

Wearing: PJ Shirt from Primark | Coat from Ikea


Currently listening to: La La Land Soundtrack – Someone In The Crowd


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