Secret Garden

They call this place the ‘Rose Garden’ ..more like a secret garden! This is a beautiful park once owned by Sir John Soane which sits practically on our doorstep here in London. The main area of the park was swarmed with people enjoying the winter sunlight today, but we found this secret passage at the back which led us to a secluded little rose garden (it’s not really looking rosy though haha) that not many people seem to have knowledge of!

Funny that we found out about this place only today, as we have lived in this area for a year and a half now, and we are actually about to move out in a weeks time! Next weekend I am headed to Paris with family, so François wants everything packed in boxes before I leave. We went to Ikea this afternoon, had lunch (the salmon with pilaf mmm…), and grabbed some extra boxes to continue packing. Last time we bought cardboard boxes from Ikea they wouldn’t fit in the car because they were so big – we had to squash some boxes to fit them in! This time no problem, yay! Most of the work is done, but I’ve got a heap (more like heap x 1000) of clothes that still need sorting – keep, chuck, or for charity!

Going to head out to get something to eat now, hope you’ve had a sweet Saturday. Speak tomorrow, ciao!

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