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Bonsoir to you all! Here are a few pictures taken in Paris from this weekend (mostly from the Louvre which was pretty much the whole of our Sunday). It was quite an intense trip, very short, and a lot of running around. Also, apologies for the rather touristy shots, but this trip was about having some time away with family (hence a little absence from me!), my little brother had never been to Paris before this weekend, so it was a chance to show him around. A little experience for him is nice! He had requests to visit the Eiffel Tower and see the Mona Lisa so we got those ticked off (yes I did actually get a decent shot of it, but it was too funny to see how crazy people go with their cameras, everyone turns into robots!). The trip was so fun, but way too short – I am already excited to visit again..

We stayed in the 1st Arrondissement, in the Palais Royale area – perfect for a spot of shopping down Rue Saint-Honoré and some Sunday strolling through Jardin des Tuileries. As mentioned in a previous post about Paris, I highly recommend to stay in this area – it’s central but not as busy as being located down the Champs Élysées, you still have a lot of facilities at your doorstep and countless restaurants to eat, or cafes to wind down in the afternoon.

Also how amazing is this? I had the pleasure of bumping into a very lovely follower whilst going through security checks at the train station (we took the Eurostar). It is so wonderful to meet people who follow me on Instagram or read the blog and know you are enjoying it too! This made me really happy. During our stay we also met some other cool people – there was a family from Peru sitting next to us in a restaurant, and the mum was just too funny – she kept asking us so many questions but speaking to us in Spanish (we did not understand at all haha!), and her daughters were laughing like “mum they do not understand you,s top it!” haha. I did not mind at all, I love curious people! One of the daughters is currently studying architecture so it was awesome to speak a bit about that with her! There was also another encounter on our last day where we visited a Balgencia store and a sweet woman called Sahara was super friendly and well travelled – the type of character you’d really adore, so easy to speak to and interesting! Sahara told me her mum owns an international spa company, and that she worked for her mum for a while which is why she travelled so much! I will be sure to visit this spa one day 😉

Anyway, to those of you reading this blog, I hope you know that I aim for it to be an honest one! This isn’t a completely formal blog where I just collaborate with companies and promote goods to you (I will only work with companies that I genuinely love!). I like to share a bit of my personality, my life, with you – and I hope you enjoy those parts! So in all honesty, it has been a busy week of packing, moving and then going to paris in between this! I hope you understand. Again apologies for my absence, but do expect more posts very soon!

I’m so excited to finally settle down again ..and also to catch up with my beloved VLOGS! <3 I have also just come back from Oxford Street and yes, I did a major impulse buy. Not guilty – can’t wait to show you what I got!


Much love, Kim.

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