Matcha Tea Latte

A few of you have asked what that green thing is in some of my Instagram photos. Don’t worry, it’s not some nasty green food-dye in my morning drink, it’s completely natural and it’s called matcha.

Matcha, to put it quite simply, is finely ground green tea. Unlike the typical dust-bagged green tea we buy in supermarkets, matcha really contains the entire leaf which means when you consume matcha, you’re taking in 100% of the nutrients in a green leaf! If you’ve never tried it, the powder has a rather distinctive earthy and grassy, yet delicately sweet taste to it.  This isn’t the only reason drinking matcha makes me feel good in the morning, there’s plenty more health benefits for everyone:

1 High in antioxidants
2 Enhances calmness
3 Burns calories
4 Increases energy levels (yes, yes, yes!)
5 Improves cholesterol
6 Strengthens the immune system
7 Detoxifies the body
8 It tastes so good!

There are Japanese ceremonies (choreographic rituals) held in temples in Japan which consist of the making and serving of matcha tea – how special! The process is actually all about aesthetics as opposed to drinking tea as one may assume. I love how much the Japanese put into detail – the way the utensils are displayed for the guests at these ceremonies is even considered carefully according to how they will view them. When I visit Japan I hope to attend one of these ceremonies for sure, what an experience that would be.

I do not particularly like drinking matcha with water alone, but I will typically prepare my drink with milk which forms a ‘matcha latte’. Matcha latte’s have become more of a popular drink in the Western world now, but I know some people have not tried it yet, or know about it at all – I get asked all the time online and offline what that thing is.

Below i’ll share with you my very simple matcha (almond) latte recipe:

Time: 3-5 Minutes

You will need:
3/4 of a cup of Milk (I use almond milk or hazelnut milk as they are dairy-free and add a hint of extra flavour)
1/4 teaspoon of green matcha powder (usually sold in 30-40g pots or sachets)
30g of boiling water
A whisk (you can buy a bamboo whisk like shown about, but a normal whisk is fine!)
A bowl (or a cup large enough to whisk in)
A cup to your preferred sizing

1 Measure out roughly 3/4 of almond milk according to the sizing of the cup you are using. You’ll be able to adjust this amount after making a couple of matcha latte’s as you’ll see if you prefer it more milky or more watery.

2 Pour the almond milk into a small pan set to medium heat. Heat for roughly 2-3 minutes or dependant to your preference. Put the pan aside shortly while preparing the next step.

3 Measure out 1/4 teaspoon of matcha powder (I actually use 1/2 teaspoons as I like a stronger taste) into a small bowl or even in your cup if large enough to whisk in.

4 Pour in 30g of freshly boiled water and mix the matcha and water together with the whisk. If you don’t have a whisk, use a spoon, but I highly recommend using a whisk to avoid any lumps! When I first started making matcha lattes at home I used a spoon and the drink never turned out as desired for this reason.. This is the stage where you can create froth for your latte. I actually whisk from side to side to gain more froth quicker.

5 Pour the green tea mixture into your cup.

6 Add in the heated almond milk to the drink and stir well with a spoon

7 Enjoy!

You can make all sorts of simple matcha drinks, including matcha coconut latte, pumpkin spice matcha latte, matcha vanilla latte etc. People even use matcha in cakes and biscuits (they sell them at our local Japanese patisserie!)

Any questions, let me know. Have a wonderful evening!


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