As I mentioned in yesterdays post, today I met up with one of my best friends from university, Zula. It’s so exciting to talk about what’s happening during this period of our lives, the step after our degrees and between what we are doing and what we really aspire to do in the future. Zula and I are quite similar in that we see things the same. You know, that kind of friend where you say a point and they’re genuinely like “I feel exactly like that too!”. Just gives you a buzz, and it’s so nice to not feel alone in the struggles and worries of life. Who knew my early twenties would be so challenging! I guess that’s life.

As you can see I opted for the avo’ on toast, I think this is by far my favourite – so good with the rocket, poached eggs and smoked salmon on  the side (if that’s on the menu, i’m getting it!). I needed to meet Zula near Victoria coach station before she was leaving London, so this place, the Cambridge Street Kitchen (perched between Victoria + Pimlico) is perfect for a stop-off lunch before departing at the coach station (a 5 min. walk away). This place is truly so cosy, the kind of place that feels like home. The staff also make you feel so welcome, all smiles and great service – just how I like it! ..and they do fresh juices, you know how I feel about them!

Until tomorrow – ciao!


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