Spent today continuing yesterdays tasks working on my portfolio. When I tell people this, sometimes I get asked what is in a portfolio and why it is taking so long? How can I still be working on it weeks in? Sometimes I forget not everyone works in the creative industry (and now with Instagram I believe everyone is creative!). I spent 3 years in university living and working with architecture students so I’m totally immersed in the design world and our terminologies. The ‘portfolio’ is basic terminology for us, but for some outside of this zone, I understand your confusion. A portfolio is a visual documentation of your best work. Photographers, artists, architects etc. all have portfolios to present their ideas and to sell themselves! They are designed in whatever format and style you want, it’s yours! I need one at all times when applying for jobs in the creative industry. I’m spending time going over old drawings that may need photoshopping or generally more work added to them to make them pop off the page! It’s all about the ‘killer images’, that’s what they taught us..

Anyway, now it’s time to relax. I’ve just showered, and done a full cleanse of my face. I’ve followed this with using my Génifique serum by Lancôme which I use every night. It’s my ultimate holy grail, and Lancôme is my absolute favourite skincare brand. You should use it after cleansing the face and using toner. A beautician once told me there’s no point buying all these expensive serums if you don’t cleanse and tone first, how will the skin absorb the serum and fully benefit from the product? Trust me, my skin feels baby smooth and ultra moisturised after using this stuff. Hopefully i’ll be able to add more photos of this product, but it’s difficult to take photos using it alone, i’ve no company this evening so i’ll wait till tomorrow.

Excited for tomorrow as i’m meeting up with a good friend of mine and we’re going to a cute cafe in Victoria that I found. but for now, i’m going to chill in bed, watch some vlogs and eat some homemade scones that I baked this afternoon. Ciao!


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