A Fresh Aussie, please!

If you’re into the blogging world or possibly living in London too, you may have heard of a place called Granger & Co. This is an Australian company with buzzy feel-good restaurants based in Notting Hill, Clerkenwell + King’s Cross. We visited the Clerkenwell branch as it seems to be the only restaurant of theirs that you can reserve. It’s too cold to queue, and I get too hungry to wait 😉 Note, i’ve heard you’ll have to queue roughly 20 minutes to get a spot at the other two branches (how true this is, I do not know..!). Nonetheless the other restaurants look just as beautiful! I may go to Notting Hill next time as it is closer to us.

This is such a great spot for a real good brunch – their menu is huge! You have a wide range of juices, the more adventurous ones such as ‘Granger’s Greens’ (green apple, cucumber, ginger, silver beet, chia and coconut water), or there are simple juices such a freshly squeezed orange. In terms of food, the breakfast menu is split into ‘fruits + grains’, ‘classics’, and ‘big plates’ as well as sides. I went for the Fresh Aussie, a classic Granger’s avocado on toast with jasmine tea hot smoked salmon! So delicious. Yeah, i’ve been on the avo-toast quite a lot lately, but believe it or not there was a time where I was sickened by both avocados and eggs – i’ve been trying to get back into them, and it’s really helping with my health goals for 2017! If you’re more into pastries for the morning, there is a cute little bakery stand by the bar area full of those sweet treats.

Some other items on the menu which caught my eye was the homemade almond milk, and spiced almond milk chai which I ordered – i’d only recommend this if you’re really into spiced drinks or chai, if not much, then I wouldn’t recommend that for you. Next time i’ll go for the almond milk 😉 I also wish they had their own Granger’s house matcha, that would top it all!

The staff are very prompt and efficient, and the overall vibe of the restaurant is busy but to balance this out, the interior was so sophisticated and simple which makes the overall feel quite relaxing. There was a mixed crowd here which is always nice to see, and i’d definitely go again – lives up to the hype, and look how much food I got 😀 And to all you design/product lovers out there – perks of visiting an elegant Aussie restaurant ..they have Aesop soap + hand cream in the WCs, the entire restaurant is detailed with brass features (taps, door handles, even the pepper grinder etc.), and they’re pretty damn snazzy with their tiles too!

*Note: The menu i’m referring to is specifically for breakfast (until 12pm), but they have separate lunch + dinner menus.

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  1. January 14, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    Looks delicious and it’s adorable !!!!

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