Throwing it back this Thursday with some nostalgic photos of my trip to Finland, otherwise known as the country of a thousand lakes. This was with my Architecture School exactly 3 years ago. I went through the photographs this morning, the icy weather in London had me thinking back to this particular point in time! Feels like only a year ago I was there… has to be one of my favourite trips – the landscape was just surreal, I mean look at it..

Once we landed in Finland we took quite a lengthy coach journey up to Jyväskylä and stayed for a few days visiting the Säynätsalo Town Hall and the University of Jyväskylä both designed by one of my favourite Architects, Alvar Aalto (if you haven’t heard of him before, I bet you will recognise one of his chairs?). Upon these visits, we took part in tours, learning the stories behind his designs and more about his life. Between this we spent time walking through the landscape and exploring (our project at the time was about transformations and the natural landscape), we walked over so many frozen lakes, and locals were skiing over them – made for some great shots!

After a few days we headed back down to Helsinki and visited The Aalto House, we also spent time exploring the city. There was a little cafe called Nikolai II, perched right on the harbour – the cutest thing, and very cosy! From my experience the Finnish are extremely friendly and helpful people, I assumed they would be more distanced – but refreshingly, that was not the case at all. There were a few times in the city during lunch hours where we would stop to read a map and businessmen/women would come by and ask if we needed help. On the trams, there were many curious Finns asking what our large group was doing in Finland and finding interest in our projects (I guess a large group of 25 makes a scene haha). At the end of the trip we actually stayed on a sea fortress called Suomenlinna (World Heritage Site), a 20 minute ferry ride away from the port of Helsinki which was the location of our project site.

I was pretty obsessed with portraits of others at this time, I guess I still am, I just don’t take as many anymore which is something i’m working on! Being in architecture school made it easy to get photographs of people – at least most of the students in the studio loved photography and were willing to be photographed. These days I find it difficult to photograph those I know, most hide away, even if I try to take a candid shot (an SLR is not the most discrete device). I really love these shots that I took of some friends, the lighting was just perfect, and white backdrop of snow made everything look so clean!

Will definitely be visiting again at some point 😉 Speak soon, ciao!


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