Happy Tuesday! Finally got the results of my Praktica LTL reflex camera. I spontaneously decided to try it out this week before my little trip – i’ve owned the camera for at least 2 years and never actually developed any film from it! I purchased the camera while I was in my second year of architecture school, there was a little fair and I bought a couple of cameras from a sweet old man. I was so busy during my architecture degree that I never managed to get myself to the shop and develop any of the films i’d used up. Basically, any photos directed at any light came out perfectly fine, but any taken indoors came out pretty much greyish due to lack of light. Looks like i’m going to have to widen my aperture! I’ll show you some below, they’re nothing special, just around the house to test ..please ignore the dust from the scanner, I just got it out from under the bed to pack away haha.

How fun is it to go through physical photos? Like it’s so much fun to flick through printed baby photos from the film cameras that my parents used. Hmm.. might start printing my digital photos and create an album!

Speak soon – ciao!

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