A cuckoo clock – something didn’t expect to receive on Christmas day from my little Brother. From the sounds of it he didn’t even know if i’d like this thing at all, but he did a pretty good job haha? This one is a battery-operated version by Muji, one of my favourite Japanese design stores in London (their stationary is to die for! with choice, I only use muji pens..). I love how this is a modern-day version of the cuckoo clock – all minimal and simplified, yet so classic at the same time. If you’re interest, you can see a video of the chime here, it’s really cute, but i’m sure you can try the product in store. The clock chimes a couple of times at every hour, and once at every half an hour but I believe there is a way to set this to your liking. If you don’t like the sound but love the design of the clock, there is a way to switch off the chime! 😉 There is also a clever little built in light-sensor (this is the red light underneath the bird) – if there’s no light in the room ie. it’s night time, the clock won’t chime! If you can’t tell, i’m just a sucker for anything minimal and well designed 😉 just look at it, aaaah!

Here are some other versions of the cuckoo clock, it comes in terracotta too:

1 Cuckoo Clock in terracotta here
2 Large Cuckoo Clock in white here
3 Large Cuckoo Clock in terracotta here

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