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It’s that time of year where we flick through our Instagram feeds full of well-wishes and reflections and begin to think about our own appreciations of 2016 and what’s ahead for the New Year. For some, 2017 hasn’t been left pre-planned, for others, meetings and deadlines have been scheduled in to get ahead of that game. For me personally? I have a small idea of my goals for this year, but most has been left unplanned and I just hope for a happy life!

I am not a person who makes New Year resolutions. We are not all prepared at the very same time to start a clean sheet, I certainly am not, but I can try! To put it simply, I believe a fresh start is due to begin whenever you are truly ready. This can be mid-way through the year, or just towards the end. I feel like it is just towards the end of 2016 when I finally put myself together that year and began to figure out what I wanted to do. In November I began this blog, and i’m so grateful that all is running well and I am still motivated and committed to continuing on.

With that said, here are some things I aim to either continue or work on in 2017. They are not quite resolutions though – I feel they put too much pressure on us to tick them off. We don’t need pressure! We just need motivation and perseverance and the things we want to succeed in will come through:

More Blogging
This blog began recently in November 2016. Since then I have been working on it everyday, and in addition running my Instagram feed. It’s something which has really kept me going in the last few months, it’s been so fun! However, taking photos myself (I occasionally get some help from my boyfriend) isn’t easy at all. To make time for everything else in life AND run a blog/edit/content create is HARD. I have been reading blogs since I was 12-13 and to be honest, I thought that cannot possibly be that tough?! They have such an easy life, that looks so fun! Well now I’ve experience the blogging world myself, it definitely is not easy. It’s hard work, you’ve got to really motivate yourself, and you’ve got to have CONFIDENCE. Which leads the to the next…

Keeping Hold of Confidence
I’ve always been and still am an anxious person. I feel very few people know this. I’ve been told by people at work or anyone else generally that I seem like a confident person – the good kind! (Let’s hope they meant it.. ;)) You may think that’s a good thing, but what truly matters to me is what I feel inside. I get upset by the smallest things – for example, if i forgot to hold the door for someone, or forgot to tell someone that I am thankful for their gift and left it too late! This ‘mistake’ that I made will appear in my head randomly during the day or destroy my dreams at night. These worries begin to take over my life and can ruin the rest of my days, but i’m working on it and I just need to remember that I didn’t kill anyone? Anything that I did forget, I didn’t mean to. What’s there to worry about?

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle
One of my good friends from school, Rebecca, got me a recipe book for Christmas (along will a sweet smelling candle)! I’ve literally been using it since day 1 of 2017. It’s a cute book called ‘Grains, Seeds + Legumes’ by Molly Brown and it contains super healthy recipes that are not too complicated. Sometimes we tend to get lazy after work, or especially during winter because we just want something immediate. I’m slightly against microwave meals (although I can still have them, and i will not say no to microwave popcorn). I want to escape this laziness and start preparing meals myself, from scratch. They are so much tastier too..

Continue to Explore London/Be More Cultural
I’ve lived in London for the whole 23 years that i’ve been alive. Now while London is a huge city, there are many things that I could have made time to visit, but haven’t. Sometimes it’s because i’m on one side of london and the event is on the other and it’s just ..such a trek. it can take nearly an hour from our home to get somewhere in the city – AND WE LIVE IN THE CITY?! Crazy. I definitely want to go back to pre-university days and be more cultural, visit all the galleries and museums I used to visit to on a frequent basis and just explore more.

Bringing Back the Creativity
One of the things that I’ve loved about beginning blogging is how it’s brought back my creativity – curating photographs, planning concepts, layouts etc. You may have noticed there’s a ‘creative’ category on the blog. I’m an Architecture grad, and I’ve now around a years work experience in Architecture firms. Despite my degree, working in these firms has actually led to less sketching, less hand-drawing and less time actually THINKING. I’ve been drawing digitally using programmes like CAD and Vectorworks and there was never enough time to actually sit down and soak in all the information of a project, or to get my head around a concept and draw it out. It was always time, time, TIME, and maybe it will always be like that! I have a lot to learn. However, I personally would like to integrate work into whatever I do in life. It starts now.

Let me know what you’re looking forward to in 2017! I hope it’s been a great start so far!


Kim xo


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