Borough Market

Today we met up with some friends in London Bridge (we all know each other from when we lived in Oxford a few years ago – and now we have all moved to London!). As mentioned previously, even if you have visited London, you may not realise just how big the city is. We currently live in West London, and most of my friends live in East/South London (which is also where my family home is), can you believe it takes us an hour to meet up with most people – to go from London to London haha?! You can take a coach from Oxford to London and the journey would be pretty much the same. It’s because of this that we don’t get to see our friends as frequently as we did in Oxford, but anyway, it was great to catch up finally after a whole 6 months.

Before we met up with the others, we headed to Borough Market round the corner – yes this is where Bridget Jones lived in the movie! I’ve heard many great things about this place, so much that I’ve even recommended it to friends visiting from other countries despite never going myself – *they all loved it, phew! I can now say it’s lived up to all the hype. It’s in a very atmospheric setting, set under a bridge, with stalls like “Ted’s Veg” with Ted shouting “4 for a paaaand!” and the sound of trains gently screeching above you – how much more London can you get?

Generally, London Bridge is pretty damn cool. Around the market area you’ll also find colourful side streets with independent little shops, the kind where a hipster comes out of one of the flats above in their round-framed glasses, bright raincoat and casually hop away on their road bicycle like something out of Kinfolk.It’s just like Shoreditch but.. not Shoreditch. I love it! And if you’re into independent coffee stops with stylish interiors, you better get down here for a well-roasted coffee, but you’ll have to excuse the British queues. One of the friends we met up with actually lives around the corner, he’s got an amazing view of London – you can see the skyline with the Shard, Walkie Talkie, Gherkin and Cheesegrater (forgive me, if you’re like umm.. sorry what? they’re nicknames for certain buildings 😉 the Walkie Talkie is where the Sky Garden lives!You can findmy post on that one here).

Hope you’re having a fab weekend so far and that the weather is better at your end wherever you are. As you can see, it’s pretty miserable right now here!


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