Happy Thursday! Throwing it back with a few photographs from two previous trips to Bergen, the second largest city in Norway, otherwise known as the ‘rainiest city in Europe’. I’ve always been a fan of Scandinavian culture in general, this probably started when I met my wonderful Norwegian friend, Synne, on an online forum, we had been talking for at least 3 years before I decided I wanted to go and visit and jumped on a plane alone for the first time. I actually met another friend, Vriko who is originally from Hong Kong through sitting on this plane together, and I stayed with Vriko for my second trip in 2014.

Scandinavia was exactly how I imagined, and this is before the cultural region was hyped up online as it is these days (but come on.. the Scandinavian lifestyle – goals!) Everything is so clean, feels organised, people get on with their lives and respect yours, pretty much everyone is chic and stylish, ..and not to mention uber healthy.

Bergen itself is such a relaxing and tranquil city. You can go for a hike up in the mountains but be sure to find a cute independent cafe somewhere as you work your way up. If you simply want an immediate view of the city, you can go up Mount Fløyen on the ‘Fløibanen’ – the views are breathtaking.  Although Bergen is surrounded by the ‘7 Mountains’, so you have endless exploring/hiking to do. There’s also Torget i Bergen and Fisketorget two markets in the heart of the city situated between the beautiful fjords, and if you want to see the colourful buildings (just like the ones in Copenhagen), you can find them down the Old Pier. There is also a sweet little Christmas Shop which is open all year. There’s plenty to do in the city, but it is especially nice just to stroll around and enjoy the good food and beverages.

Also, looking back through these photos makes me realise how much I miss TAKING photographs. I still do obviously for the blog, but nowhere near as much as I used to. In my school days I bought my first SLR and joined a photography class as well as a fine art class, it felt so natural to take photographs. I’d bring my camera everywhere with me – I was never scared to take photo (of things, or other people) in public, or felt nervous. Now I’ve let go of the camera for a bit, it feels weird to start snapping in a cafe or when in close proximity with the public. Last November I purchased a new Canon SLR (my boyfriend chipped in for my birthday) and vouched to take more photographs – so it starts again this year!


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