8 Natural-Look Products

Today I wanted to share with you all my most-used make up products and why I love them. I am definitely someone who is loyal to their brands (for example I only use Lancôme’s foundation lines) and I only like to use products that I know work well with my skin and do not irritate it with certain ingredients. I don’t really like to use different products everyday – surely it does some damage to the skin to do that, the skins gets confused, and you do not gain the long-term benefits of the products (though this is more for skincare I guess..). I do try new products but not too often for this reason. Anyway, without further ado, here they are, the products I use everyday, listed below:

1 COMPLEXION / Lancôme – Teint Miracle with SPF 15 (Shown in shade No. 10)
I have been using this bare-skin foundation for years – the reason? It enhances the radiance of your skin and gives you that glowing, dewy look. Despite wearing make up, I don’t like to feel that I’m wearing anything on my face. This product does just the job, and it’s because it has a satin finish to it, and the formula is not of a thick consistency – it honestly feels like putting moisturiser on, and with that said, it is a very hydrating foundation!

I also use this product because the shade suits me perfectly. I am of mixed ethnicity (oriental asian and black), and it can be quite difficult to come across products that suit my skin tone as it’s very much ‘in between’ this and that. Brands are becoming more aware of diversity these days, but a few years ago, trust me – it was tough!

2 COMPLEXION / NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer (Shown in shade Caramel)
There’s a reason why there is so much hype about this product. Trust me, it lives up to the hype – every bit of it. I love this product for similar reasons as the Lancôme foundation above, and I need both products to work together well to get the complexion i’m looking for. The coverage of this concealer is perfect. I usually apply 2 coats under the eye (I suffer from dark circles underneath the eye) to get the coverage I want, but honestly, when you apply one single coat, you’ll instantly see how good this product is. I am lucky that I don’t get many pimples or red spots at all, but I have heard many great things about this product working wonders for those who have this issue! Like product name, it really gives that radiant glow, and it really is a creamy formula 😉

3 COMPLEXION / Clinique – Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator (Shown in shade Bronze)
I once went for a photo shoot to help my Mum’s family friend out. I had my own make up artist for the shoot, and she used this product to accentuate my cheek bones and highlight certain areas of the skin. After that shoot I went out and bought this exact product that she used. The issue that I have with most highlighters is that they are either too glittery, or too white/light for my tone. This product comes in 3 shades. About is the darkest shade, but if you want to try this product there are two lighter tones. Again I’m all about using liquid products for my complexion. I don’t really like powdered products – they don’t look natural on me, and they don’t give a radiant finish. This stuff glides on and it’s easy to blend out. The formula has a hint of shimmer, but not too much and it gives a very lightweight, natural-looking finish. The only thing I dislike about this product is it’s size – for travelling. I don’t mind having to fit in a foundation bottle in my carry-on, but a bronzer.. i’d rather a petite option – please make one!

4 COMPLEXION / Revlon – Highlighting Palette (Shown in Bronze)
This product is one that I use from time to time (I used to use it a lot as you can see!), but I guess I now use it as a pick-me-up. I love the gradient of this highlighting palette – which means I can use it for both highlighting and adding blush tones to my skin. I simply use this product to lighting brush over any areas of the skin that need a hint of pink glow as well as highlight. If i’m ever in a rush (ie. do not have time to put on make up), I also use this product instead of the Liquid Illuminator by Clinique with maybe a pop of mascara and i’m good to go. It just gives me a quick radiance without getting my hands dirty!

5 COMPLEXION / Guerlain – Terracotta Bronzing Powder (I use the shade 08 Ebony)
‘Natural and long-lasting’, that’s what Guerlain say about this product. This is the only bronzer I currently use. Before this I was using Bourjois’ Chocolate Bronzer back when I was in school (who remembers the hype over that one?!). This product is so perfect, it lasts a super long time, I guess I had this for two years and I used it every day. Like most products that I’ve discussed above, this gives such a natural look – a natural sun-kissed glow. It’s easy to apply – you can use any brush. At the moment i’m using the Real Techniques’ Flat Contour Brush as it gives me full control over the areas that I’m looking to contour and the brush isn’t too thick to go over-board and bronze up your entire face haha. The formula of this powder is not dry at all, but very moisturising, almost like a cream. It also smells divine, and the packaging is so elegant!

6 EYEBROWS / Anastasia Beverly Hills – Dipbrow Promade (I used the shade Dark Brown)
This is the product that has answered all my questions on how to get natural looking but full brows. It’s the latest addition to my everyday-wear, and heres why. I used to use pencils to ‘fill in’ my brows. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. They just didn’t look right – you could tell they were coloured in. That’s exactly what I don’t want. I wasn’t colouring in my brows but simply trying to fill in parts that needed it. I think the pencil formula just doesn’t work for me, it didn’t look natural at all, they looked ugly! The only bad thing that I can say about this Dipbrow Promade, is that it isn’t available in UK store yet – which means it’s difficult to know which shade is for you (there’s quite a wide variety). I took a guess and was torn between two shades, but I leaped in for the dark brown and it suits me perfectly although I could possibly go a shade darker and built it up. This product glides on so well, it isn’t sticky, and it isn’t too thick. It’s like painting – don’t put too much on the brush and you’ll be fine. Simply use a little product, work on the brow and see if you need more. Due to the creamy formula, you can simply wipe away any mistakes that you make, so perfect! I highly recommend this product for giving your brows that full but natural look.

I used this product with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Synthetic Duo Brush No 12. This brush is a perfect size for using on the brows, and also comes with the little comb to tidy your brows away after using the Dipbrow Promade.

7 LIPS / MAC Cosmetics – Lip Liner (Shown in shade Soar)
You’ve most likely heard of this one. Kylie Jenner anyone? I did buy this because of the hype, I tried it on in the store and I loved that it was a pinker tone to my beloved go-to nude matte MAC Lipstick in Whirl. Soar is spot on for a natural-looking lip with a rosy tone, the colour is not too in your face, but it brightens the face. In some cases I do think Soar is a bit too light against my, so sometimes I mix it with Whirl (which is more of a brown-tone) to get my perfect shade.

8 LIPS / MAC Cosmetics – Matte Lipstick (I use shade Whirl)
So as mentioned above, I also use MAC’s lipstick in the shade Whirl. I have a dark skin tone so this is very much a nude for me. It is quite mauve-brown and I use it to even-out the colour of my lips and give a bit of colour to the face. The colour doesn’t pop on me, but it makes my natural look feel complete. The scent of MAC lipsticks is to die for. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s good..

If you’ve got any questions let me know below! Hope you’re looking forward to the weekend, half way there now. Ciao!

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  1. January 18, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    I have been wanting to try out the Nars concealer for so long! I may have to get it now!

    • thecaramelchronicles
      January 19, 2017 / 10:55 pm

      Go for it – let me know what you think! I honestly haven’t looked back since the first time I tried it!

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