100% Wool

It’s been on my mind for a while, but it was only whilst walking down Regents Street Christmas shopping that I decided to pluck up the courage, walk down to Dover Street and finally buy an Acne Studios ‘Canada Wool’ scarf in light grey! I can tell you now, I do not know how I could have waited so long! I’ve seen many Bloggers wear this in an array of colours, and they just always look so great, they really add that “omphh!” to an Autumn or Winter outfit.

The other reasons that I really wanted to invest in this piece was because it’s 100% wool – pricey but so worth it to keep you really warm. For 3 years i’ve been curled up in this Topshop scarf (probably 100% polyester) that I purchased for a trip to Finland. It looks it’s working wonders but it definitely wasn’t for me! I think I just wore it because I liked it aesthetically. It was grey on one side, cream on the other – it worked well with any coat in my wardrobe.

Acne have two types of Canada Wool scarves, there’s the narrow version, or the oversized version. I’d recommend to go with the oversized as it’s incredibly versatile to wear. You can let it drop off one shoulder and wrap it across your neck and round the other (as worn above), or you could hang it around the back of your neck and let both ends of the scarf drop – there’s endless ways the wear it!

I’m planning on getting more of these, possibly in navy and black as they match most of my wardrobe.

* By the way, if you ever have the chance you must visit the Dover Street store! It’s super cool, the store runs on 4 floors and each contains art work owned by the Creative Director. There’s sculptures and paintings, and if you ask any of the assistants they can tell you more about the history of the store/brand/art works. I ended up there just after opening and was the only customer, so I had my very own little tour?! Unfortunately I didn’t get the name of the lady who kindly showed me round but she was super nice (blond hair and an Irish accent!) and I had so much fun, I literally went in the buy a scarf, but being in the store alone was such an amazing experience – you really feel that the brand puts in so much effort to how they represent themselves and how they want to make their customers feel.



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