VSCO x Apple Creative Sessions

This week I’ve felt rejuvenated with an even bigger passion for portrait photography. I’ve always been a keen photographer, with a background in fine art + design, and a degree in Architecture, I have a natural eye for composition, play of light etc. I am by no means a professional, and I believe anyone can be a photographer, and there is certainly no RIGHT, or no WRONG in how to take a photographer. There’s just different levels within the subject.

I joined Apple for an evening Creative Session. The company has teamed up with VSCO, one of my favourite apps! This week, Hannah Faith was running the session. Hannah’s a portrait photographer by day, and a DJ by night, and she uses her work to show us that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.

The session started off with Hannah discussing her work, and showing us certain portraits whilst lovingly telling the stories behind them. It was so interesting to hear that some of her compositions are not planned. For example, for one shot, she had her primary subject, but they didn’t know where they were shooting. It was only until they walked down the road in Kentish Town that her friend spotted the sultry reflection of a tree on a wall – and that made the shot!

We ended the session by splitting in groups with a VSCO Ambassador and taking portraits of other members of the group whilst getting to know their ‘story’. It was super fun, and I met some really great people with similar interests – always feels so good! I did find it tough to get good portraits though. Our location was in the middle of Oxford Street with crowds of people so we were all shuffling this way and that way and yet needed time to take a round of photos. I think I only got two photographs!

You can view Hannah’s instagram here!


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