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This weekend we finally made it to the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street in London! I say finally, because we’ve booked in the past but were both too ill to go on the very day, which was disappointing but of course could not be helped! With the change of weather we’ve felt our immune systems weakening again, but that didn’t stop us this time. The Sky Garden is open to the public free of charge, however a booking will need to be made online, and the waiting period is usually 3 weeks unless you’re lucky to grab a cancellation spot!

I’ve been on the London Eye, the Shard etc. before, but the Sky Garden also offers a spectacular 360 view of London from the North of the River Thames, with plenty of space to explore, sit down, relax. The place really feels open and fresh with the garden. If you ever go, remember to bring a coat during this time of year – you won’t want to take it off! Even the bar staff are wearing coats at the moment haha.

If you’re wondering what’s actually here and what you can do, you enter 20 Fenchurch Street (the building otherwise known as THE WALKIE TALKIE) and head to the 35th floor which is open to the public. The whole thing is a viewing platform – there’s an outdoor terrace which stretched along a whole side of the building. There’s also plenty of space inside to view the city. The Garden kind of runs along the sides of the interior space. On the right and left hand sides are stairs leading you through the Garden. Once you reach the top, there is a hidden cafe for drinks and cakes etc., and then you can head back down to the main space down the other side on the garden.

There is also the Darwin Brasserie for food which I believe requires a separate booking if you want to eat there. You can get an additional unique view of the city from there – it’s set about the main space and looks as if it’s on it’s own platform. You can however get cocktails, or homemade lemonade from the cafe in the main section 😉

I would definitely recommend anyone to visit if they’re in London, it’s a freebie that is totally worth the time!




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