“Classic Flats”

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen my post on these new Vans! (Yes, I know, they look way too clean right now ..but don’t worry, I will get them to shape in no time!). Long story short, I used to wear Vans a lot during my teenage years – I had a phase of no dresses, no pink. Wearing skinny jeans with my matching vans and a band tee was so ‘me’. Now at 23, I never really touch trainers – since working I feel more ‘grown-up’ and ‘ready’ in heeled boots and a blazer.  I used to think trainers just destroy an outfit, but that’s my mistake, because they will not destroy an outfit if you know how to wear them. That’s my problem – I never knew how to style them with the new and mature me. Looking forward to wearing these out and styling them with my current daily attire!

Wearing: Top from River Island | Jeans from Miss Selfridge | Choker from New Look | Shoes from Vans

Hope your week has started well (and ends promptly if you’re working – Merry Christmas!)


Kim xoxo


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