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Hope you’re having a great start to the weekend! I’m beginning mine by trying out a lovely gift given to me by a friend to wind down and relax. It’s Lush’s self-preserving ‘Mask of Magnaminty’ that i’m using, a handmade face and body mask. I’ll be honest, I don’t use masks that much, and luckily I don’t actually break out that much, maybe i’ll get a large stress spot once every 4/5 months? The description for this product is to ‘fight eruptions and outbreaks and return your skin to tip top condition’, so it’s good to use to restore and revitalise my skin anyway!

Now the first thing you’ve probably noticed from these photos is wow, it’s so!! One of the main feature ingredients of this mask is peppermint oil. I cannot stress enough how much I love the scent of peppermint, and the taste of peppermint – I have my essential oil diffuser filled with peppermint right now too! Once you open the pot you immediately smell this fresh aroma, it’s quite powerful. The rest of the ingredients also includes honey, primrose seeds, ground organic aduki beans. The consistency is rather thick and pasty (and I like it!), you can definitely feel the aduki beans in the mixture whilst applying the mask, they feel just like exfoliating beads.

The application is more than simple. You apply a generous amount of the mask onto your skin making sure to avoid contact with the eyes, and leave on for 5-10 minutes before gently scrubbing the formula off with warm water. Once on, the mask feels great on the skin, after about 3 minutes you feel the solution starting to harden on the face – only slightly though. The mixture doesn’t dry out on your skin and that’s something which I loved about this mask! By 5 minutes the mask felt so good and the aroma of the peppermint oil started to really relax me.

There’s plenty of product left, I assume the 315g pot will last me a good few months. Overall, I think this is a truly wonderful mask if you’re a fan of peppermint and thick masks where you can feel the process working on your skin (you get that tingly feeling). I’ll be using this product more often! This left my skin feeling baby smooth and left me feeling fresh – exactly what I’m looking for. I followed this with my daily skincare routine of cleansing, toning and applying serum to the skin afterwards to get the overall benefit of revitalising my skin.

Let me know if you’ve got any lush products to recommend, or if you’ve tried the Mask of Magnaminty too!

Have a great weekend.


Kim xo


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