As a designer and a fan of the Scandianavian lifestyle, Copenhagen is definitely a city I could see myself living in. Firstly, it’s not far from home, a short plane ride and a hop on the metro and you’re in the city already!

This was a short trip. We had a few things planned gathered from some other blog posts, instagram, and a few books that i’d purchased. We went to the Amass restaurant situated in an industrial part of North Copenhagen (founded by the former head chef of Noma). We went for the 6-course menu with equally quirky Scandinavian dishes:

  1. Celeriac, Salted Apple, Wormwood
  2. Grilled Mackerel, Almond, Burnt Kale, Chili Oil
  3. Squid, Bitter Radish, Egg Yolk, Plums
  4. Soft Scrambled Egg, Mushrooms, Red Seaweed, Sour Curd
  5. Wild Duck, Pumpkin, Coffee, Charred Parsley
  6. Sugar Beet, Yogurt, Sweet Potato, Amass Honey

I wasn’t too sure about 5, but then again, I’m not a big fan of duck! The restaurant is charming, it’s set in an old warehouse, and the interiors are somehow elegant yet very urban and very hip (there’s even graffiti on the back wall). The experience is impressively planned out. You actually enter the restaurant from the back doors after walking up the exterior stairs, it’s not very obvious (we went round the building and went through the wrong doors..). So you enter the building from up high and end up inside on a balcony overlooking the restaurant and are ushered down by the waitor.

This whole thing was clearly one of my favourite parts of this trip, but we also visited Atelier September (a popular stylish cafe in CPH), there is also a restaurant called Mother which is down in the meatpacking district (the vibe is cool + the food is yum). We also went to the Danish Museum of Art and Design, the Jewish Museum, and took the train down for a day trip to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art where the Yayoi Kusama exhibition was taking place.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Happy Friday + have a wonderful weekend!


Kim xo


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